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Writing your book is not only transformational for your readers, but it also transforms you.

Whether you are new to the idea or have written your book, the MyAuthorLab program will provide you with exclusive expertise to learn to take your book from thought formation to print publication.

Our Proven Process


Our bi-weekly online workshops, Q&A sessions, and private Facebook group take you from idea to fully published author. All workshops are posted on a password protected page of the website. Each participant receives an assigned literary coach that will work with you one-on-one throughout the length of the lab.



You will receive

Author coaching





You will receive

Access to the MyAuthorLab Facebook group w/ Bi-weekly Q&A 




You will receive

Access to Six (6)
bi-weekly virtual writing workshops





You will receive

Book editing, cover design, and interior typesetting




You will keep

Ownership of the copyright,
50 copies of your published work with the option to purchase additional books

Our Signature Workshops

Wait ….there’s more!

Once you complete the process, you will enjoy your Book release celebration & personalized press release announcement.

Client Reviews

Hear from our #PUBLISHED Authors

I am sure that you have what it takes to self publish your book.  Our clients share how they were able to leverage our industry knowledge and secret sauce that allowed them to become a published author in 90 days!

{In this program, they pull out everything that I didn't think was inside of me.  There were riches that would touch the lives of my perfect reader. I received the tools to actually bring this fruition.
Kimberly C. Turner, Life Coaching, LLC.
Author of "The Struggle is Over: Transforming and Renewing Your Mind to Live Life Abundantly"
{As a TedEx speaker and founder of a non-profit, publishing my book extended my platform.  With my finished book, I am able to speak out loud so that others no longer suffer in silence. JoLanda helped me unpack, and I was able to connect to my perfect readers in a way that I wouldn't have been able to without the help. This journey was truly transformational.
Nancy Yarbrough-Banks, Fresh Start Learning Inc. Executive Director
Author of "The Exodus: Where New Beginnings Happen"
{Before participating in the MyAuthorLab program, my initial thought was....If this book help me, then it did its job. Not only did I finish the book in 90 days, but I received a breakthrough in my journey. After publishing my book, I was able to launch a small group and really impact my target audience. I've receive tons of powerful testimonials regarding the impact of my book. With T.A.L.K. Publishing, I was able to publish my book, and my confidence has sky rocketed. Finishing my book has help me finish and honor other commitments to myself.
Emerald Mills, Founder of Diverse Dining
Author of "Rejection Uprooted: 5 Practical Principles for Overcoming Rejection"

Initial down payment of $499

Your Investment

If you’ve been stuck attempting to publish your own book, or you just don’t have the time and resources, then we are happy to take the journey with you.

87% of writers who begin the journey to write their book quit.  There is a reason for this.

Publish with TALK and you are guaranteed to  join the 13% club of writers who become published authors.

$499 down today gets you an experience valued at $12,999.  Authors make their initial investment after their first month of book sales.*

*Results vary by author.  All payments are non-refundable. Due to the automated nature of our program, your enrollment is your agreement to pay for selected services.

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