Fequently Asked Questions

What is the AuthorLab?

The AuthorLab is a signature publishing program of T.A.L.K. Consulting that supports authors on a journey to write, print, and publish in 90-days.

Why the AuthorLab?

The AuthorLab was created as an economical way to support influencers, counselors, coaches, survivors, and other writers share their respective journeys through a message of healing, hope, and survival.

When does the AuthorLab meet?

Each AuthorLab has a schedule that includes the workshops, question and answer sessions, as well as specific information on accessing the workshops.

Please see the dates for your particular session to know when the
AuthorLab meets.

How long is each workshop?

Each workshop is scheduled for 90-minutes, and there is time allotted at the end for questions and answers.

What if I miss a workshop?

No worries, workshops are recorded and will be uploaded to a password-protected website. Please do not share your password with anyone. While you can always catch the replay, there is nothing like the live session.

Try not to miss it.

What does my coach do?

Your coach is there to take the writing journey with you. They will not write your book for you or provide content. They will listen to your ideas about your book, read your book, as well as provide guidance and support along the journey. They are your trusted literary companion.

How often will I speak with my coach?

You will schedule 6 meetings with your coach during the course of the AuthorLab. You will be provided a link to schedule the meetings with your coach.

Why do I have an accountability coach too?

We provide an accountability coach to provide weekly text and check-ins during the AuthorLab. This engagement is more of reminders and fuel to keep your momentum going throughout the course.

If you have immediate questions, you can email our concierge at clients@talkconsulting.net or ask your accountability coach, and you will be directed to the answer you need.

Do I have to participate in the Facebook group?

You don’t have to, but we strongly encourage it. It will keep you connected and builds community within the cohort.

How can I stay connected during the process?

Please use the password-protected website that will include everything you need for the cohort as we go throughout the journey. Check your email, and again – the Facebook group will be a winner for staying up to date.

Who do I reach out to about payments?

If you have a question about your payments, please reach out to admin@talkconsulting.net. Thank you for keeping your payment agreement.