Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication, a minor in Theatre from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, and studies in Education and Theatre at New York University. La’Ketta is the Founder of Keytalife, LLC., Co-Founder of Raising The Bar, Inc. and an adjunct teacher at UW-Milwaukee.

La’Ketta Caldwell was part of the 2015 African American Leadership Program, and the 2015 Class of Milwaukee Business Journal’s 40 Under 40. In 2016, she delivered a TEDx Talk titled, “Say Something,” on the Mainstage at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, which received a standing ovation. During her talk, she implored her listeners to connect with one another, seek to assist in removing the stigma associated mental health, and possess the courage to seek help when we needed.


30 Day Journey To Peace

You will find the beautiful image on her stationery, jewelry, and t-shirts. The butterfly image is quite befitting. La’Ketta’s education, training, and career have helped transform her so she may now help empower others and educate diverse populations. Her journey has taken her from Paducah, Kentucky to Carbondale, Illinois, to New York City to Milwaukee, WI.