Current Programs

Our Signature Writing Programs

We offer writing programs to meet you where you are in your journey to authorship. Each program serves to get your book printed and published in 90 days.  It is your story. You will own 100% of it. We are simply the resource to provide your perfect reader the book that they have been waiting on.

We will design your book cover, edit your content, and print your book for publication and distribution.


Premiere Program [1-on-1]


We write for you throughtout the process. You will ghost write all your content.  This is done through a series of meetings where we listen to you, here your voice, and understand your story.  A published author will walk with you step by step taking your thoughts and voice and transform it to a published book.

AuthorTALK program is included.

Prerequisites: None
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Priority Program [1-on-1] 


We write along side you throughtout the process You will ghost write some your content and assist where needed.  A published author will walk with you step by step from though formation to print and publication.  This program is perfect for the  author who has….

Prerequisites: None
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Plus Program [Group]


We support you throughout your writing process.  You will write 100% of your content, but you are assigned a published author as their personal writing coach. You will participate in interactive workshops designed to provide guidance.  This is a cost effective program that will….

Prerequisites: None
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Our Authorpreneuship Programs

You have a published a book.  Congratulation!  Now what?  We offer programs to help you remain connected to our community of authors while developing a strategy to grow your platform as an authorprenuer.



We will work with you to identify and meet your success metrics for your published book.

Life time access to the content received during the 12-week program.

This program is your best value. A 60 minute strategy call for $299.  This program offers 540 minutes of strategy and a community of other published authors at $599.

12 week Program

Prerequisites: Complete the TALK Journey or AuthorLab program
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate



AuthorTALK – Level UP 


Successful completion of the AuthorTALK program provide authors with everything need to make their book a successful.  The Level UP program is designed to ….. 

Month to Month (cancel anytime)

Prerequisites: Complete AuthorTALK program
Skill Level: Intermediate

AuthorTALK – Strategy Call


If you are a published author with a book that is doing okay to well, but you know in your heart that this book is still being missed by your perfect reader. 

If you feel your book is one strategy away from meeting your targeted goals then this option is perfect for you.

1 session = 60 mins

Prerequisites: None
Skill Level: Intermediate