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Talva Test 5
Talva Test 2
Talva Testing
Why Not Me?
Living Beyond the Why
Brandi Iberia Austin
365 Days of Loving You
A Guide to Discovering and Celebrating Self-Worth
Kishia Cohee
When seasons change
From pain to purpose
AMESHIA Carpenter
Surviving Autism
Elizabeth Luckett
It's Okay To Heal
Tamika Marable
Overcoming Shame & Defeat
Darlene C. Russell
The Journey Alone Will Change You
Rediscovering All Life Has To Offer
Tyra Eiland
Invisible Pieces
Piecing together your inner beauty
Frankie M. Dennis
When Faith Goes Before you
Miracles happen!!!
Rosland Anderson
My Best Friend Pity & Kick My Own But
From victim to victor & Entrepreneurial pitfalls to avoid
Raquel Marie Sylvester
Fight, Don't Faint
Strategies to overcoming opposition
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Talva Test 5talva.rogers@gmail.com11/20/2023(262) 661-9949dfsdfsdStandard Medium - 5.5x8.5 inchdsfsdfsddsfsdfdsfdsfsdfdsfdsdfdsfsdfdsfdsfdsfdsAuthor Headshot (professional)dsfsdfdsfsdfsdfdsfdfsdfdsfsddsfdsfYes
Talva Test 2talva.rogers@gmail.com11/20/2023(262) 661-9949sdfsdfsddsfdsStandard Medium - 5.5x8.5 inchsdfsdfsdfsdfsddfsdfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfsseAuthor Headshot (professional)dsfsdfsdfdsfsddsfdsdfsdsfdsfdsdsfdsfsdfNo
Talva Testingtalva.rogers@gmail.com11/20/2023(262) 661-9949Talva TestStandard Medium - 5.5x8.5 inchTealva TekdfakdksafjkdfadfadfdfadfadsfadsfdsfadsfdsfadsfdsfadsfadsfadsfadsfdsaAuthor Headshot (professional) Author Branding / LogodsfdasfsdfsdfdsadsfdsfasdfsdfdsfsdfdsfsdfNo
QUAN MADISONquanmadison@gmail.com10/21/2020(414) 578-0688Self-HelpStandard Medium - 5.5x8.5 inchQuan MadisonWhy Not Me?Living Beyond the WhyHave you ever felt like you were the only one experiencing hardships? Constantly asking yourself Why Me? Why am I going through this? How did I get here? What is this experience trying to teach me? Experiencing many of life’s biggest obstacles left me broken, lost, confused and asking myself. why is this happening to me? Why Not Me, tells the truth of my life, how I overcame a troubled past and did my work to transform my life. Instead of asking myself, why me? I started asking, Why Not Me? Through it all learning about power, faith and ultimately forgiveness.Quan Madison is a sought-after life coach, trainer and motivational speaker. Starting her first business at 25 years of age, she is the CEO of Excelle Employment Solutions, a workforce development firm, committed to helping people reach their fullest potential in many life areas. She is a well-respected educator and serial entrepreneur. When Quan’s not wearing her CEO hat, she is conducting speaking engagements and workshops, teaching people how to stop living in the past and live their best lives. She received her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, her master’s degree in human services and sits on several non-profit boards. She enjoys spending time with her family, baking, reading, roller skating and building her next business venture. Quan resides in Wisconsin. www.quanmadison.comAuthor Headshot (professional)I want something that conveys growth. I would like the colors red, black and white but I'm also open to seeing green, yellow and blue. I want it to convey a positive look, nothing sad or depressing but uplifting and eye catching.Luvvie Ajayi: I'm Judging You. Author Patrice Washington and Rachel RichardsSimple Script Fonts: Open to various designsNo
Brandi Iberia Austinbrandi.i.austin@gmail.com10/16/2020(414) 499-7189Self-HelpStandard Medium - 5.5x8.5 inchBrandi Iberia Austin365 Days of Loving YouA Guide to Discovering and Celebrating Self-Worth365 Days of Loving You is a guide to self-discovery and celebration of individuality. On this inspirational and spiritual journey, the reader gains insight about the barriers holding them back from wholeness. In this thought-provoking, eye-opening, and fun publication, the reader is given daily tips and applications for living that will help them fall in love with themselves more deeply than they've ever experienced before.Brandi Iberia Austin is the founder and creator of Saved and the City Christian Network. With her background in music, entertainment, psychology, and marketing, she uses her intellectual and creative strengths to unify leaders in an effort to build the Kingdom of God. She believes that laughter is medicine for the soul and makes it her mission to spread joy on every platform she is given. 365 Days of Loving You came out her personal journey of self discovery after one too many missteps and heartbreaks.Author Headshot (professional) Author / Book Endorsement Author Branding / Logo Quote or Tagline from your bookhttps://www.savedandthecityintl.com/365-days-of-loving-you Maybe this happy picture of me on the front with some cool text.. (see link)Don't Settle for Safe: Embracing the Uncomfortable to Become Unstoppable - Sarah Jakes or https://www.amazon.com/Be-Unapologetically-You-Guide-Women/dp/0994863780unsure - something from simple san-serif[Design Support| Assigned To: TalvaMy files are already in my Google Drive folder
Kishia Coheekishiacohee@yahoo.com10/13/2020(414) 639-9701Autobiography/ JournalStandard Large - 6x9 inchKishia CoheeWhen seasons changeFrom pain to purposeWhen seasons change is an autobiography/ journal that talks about the many seasons of my life, then provides a space for my perfect reader to reflect, and answer questions. My book is meant to share my truth with other women in hopes that they will be encouraged and inspired to never give up. I pray that my book helps guide women through their own challenging times while also giving them courage to step out on faith and allow God to lead them into the women he's called them to be. I believe that every women has the right to feel like she has a place in this world and by tapping into God's power she can become everything that God's has destined to be.Hello, My name is Kishia Cohee. I am a mother of four beautiful children, a certified life couch, Author, and published makeup artist. my passion in life is helping women become to bloom into their most powerful self by healing of the mind, body, and spirit. My belief is that every women has the right to feel beautiful inside and out. I also believe that we all have something special to offer this world. There is so much power and fire within and if tapped into properly, you'll become exactly who God created you to be and much more. I have over 15 years experience helping women to discover who they truly are inside and out. I'm a makeup artist by trade, however I believe that God gifted me in that area so that I would have a platform to reach women providing them with much more than just makeup. Through my own life experiences and thing's I've overcome one thing I know for sure is that becoming the women you are destined to be is the most important piece to who you are.Author Headshot (professional) Author Branding / LogoThe idea I have for my book cover is this. A magical/ whimsical tree tunnel in a field of bright Pink Japanese cherry blossom trees with a road in the middle. I want most of the the top cover to be filled with the tree's while the bottom of the book will have the road in the middle, and the tree trunks with Pink pedals on the ground. I want to see mostly the pink trees and pedals. not to much tree trunk, but some. I'd love to see some branches with not much flowers to symbolize a change of season. I want the reader to be able to look at the cover read the tittle, and feel the shift a bit. I want the reader to feel most of the beauty and less of the pain sorta speak.I was inspired by the screen saver on my tv. I can't find books to match. I looked at Japanese cherry blossom fields for more insperation.Josephin or unicode[Design Support| Assigned To: ErekaNo
AMESHIA Carpenterameshiacc1@gmail.com10/12/2020(815) 329-0454TruthStandard Medium - 5.5x8.5 inchAMESHIA CARPENTERSurviving AutismFaithThis book is about surviving the unknown the unwanted reality of having a child with special needs the uneasiness of not knowing if you are equipped or have the capacity to act in a space you never thought you would have to operate from over coming the things we say to ourselves remembering know matter if our child is deme as normal or with a disability as mothers we are their first teachers I share my story of navigating though hard times the questions the stares and the disbelief of my new reality and how I got though it dealing with people insetivety of my new world how I almost allowed my pride keep me in a place of not even looking into her needs and what need to happen for her before she got diagnosed I shut down because it hurt and because of pride.I pray you read this book and let it all go and see your experience in a different light...Surviving AutismMy name is Ameshia Carpenter I am 41 years old I'm a mother of five I reside in Rockford Illinois I've lived here most of my life I've lived 9 years in Chicago I have travel out of the country before, I am a loyal committed loving person I have been blessed with the ability to self reflect and change,I have been through different things in life that has qualified me too speak on different things life lessons that you do not learn from earning a degree or sitting in school life teaches..Author Headshot (professional)I see my Daughter smile and her face when she was small.with the autism colors on the book.I see the picture I want the colors to stand outNot sureSimple script fonts[Design Support| Assigned To: ErekaYes
Elizabeth Luckettlizxpresslyspeaking@gmail.com10/08/2020(414) 708-5863PoetryCompact - 4.25x7 inchLiz LuckettIt's Okay To HealnaIt's Okay to Heal is a collection of poems giving the reader permission to heal. Hurt chooses us, circumstances in life will cause the spirit of a person to break often to a point where we are shells of our former selves. We walk around smiling on the outside wearing our brokenness as a badge of honor. We secretly cry as we outwardly laugh because we don't want to admit the truth. This book allows your soul to heal. It allows your heart through the power of Word to allow the exchange of a spirit of brokenness to a garment of praise. You don't have to walk around in pain, it is Okay to Heal.Liz Luckett has authored three poetry books, Xxpressly Speaking--The Heart of a Spoken Word Artist, Xpressly Speaking Raindrops for the Soul and It's Okay to Cry. . She founder and owner of Xpressly Speaking, she is committed to sharing her voice in a way that compels others to share theirs as well. "xpress yourself, speak your truth" is a motto near and dear to her heart.Author Headshot (professional)It's Okay to heal... a person who is broken or head bowed or a broken heart. I am openIt's Okay To Crysame as It's Okay to Cry[Design Support| Assigned To: TalvaNo
Tamika Marablemika24loves@gmail.com10/03/2020(414) 712-1764Self-HelpStandard Large - 6x9 inchTamika A. MarableDestinedOvercoming Shame & DefeatAre you ready to be transformed from what feels like shame to dignity, from what looks like defeat to victory, and from what seems like tragedy to triumph? In DESTINED, you will take a journey toward that divine plan for your life through the shared experiences of overcoming shame, defeat and tragedy. You will acquire detailed steps on how to get to the perfect you, of you. We are continuously being perfected through the power of God and the holy spirit. This is why oftentimes things don’t just happen to us, but they happen for us. Destiny is calling you, will you answer?As the founder of Sisters Too Inc, a non-profit organization, Tamika Marable identifies with the ultimate calling on her life to share her journey of faith to inspire others. She serves humbly the ones she has been called to by sharing practical and faith-based principles of life. She is also a licensed special education teacher feeling rewarded through student’s personal growth. Tamika received her undergraduate degree in Human Services & Criminal Justice from Springfield College and graduate degrees in Business Management and Urban Special Education from Cardinal Stritch University. In her personal life, Tamika is a wife, mother, and overcomer. Having experienced many traumatic situations, statistically Tamika was headed for failure. However, she persevered, in turn encompassing the glory of God’s purpose unfolding in her lifeAuthor Headshot (professional) Author Branding / Logo Quote or Tagline from your bookMy idea for the book cover something along the lines of a person standing at the end of a dark tunnel with light shinning around them. I was thinking of a person praying with a small glimpse of light showing. Not totally sure on the design, but I know I want it to include something with light. I was thinking of the book cover colors being purple and yellow, but not sure how that would look with my logo because its those same colors. The emotions that I would want the cover to evoke is strength, courage, healing and peace.Darkness draped in light: A true story, #Life living intentionally fearless everydayWisdom Script, TwilightYes
Darlene C. Russelldarlenec.russell@yahoo.cm09/30/2020(414) 628-5626Self Help/Inspiration/EncouragementStandard Medium - 5.5x8.5 inchDarlene C. RussellThe Journey Alone Will Change YouRediscovering All Life Has To OfferIn the Journey Alone will change you. Darlene, a new empty nester, discusses the path she is on rediscovering all life has to offer. However, in order to get some momentum toward becoming the best version of herself, she had to take a step back and travel back in time to her childhood through adulthood. she would discover the mere journey of pausing to reflect, being courageous to face the highs and lows, the pain and joy of experiences that had shaped who she had become. She would experience God’s healing power at the tender age of 6 years old after being hit by a car driven by a drunk driver. She would discover why she has been a people pleaser and how abandonment has played out in relationships.Darlene is passionate about living life, her faith and family. She is a trusted friend and wears the title of daughter, mother, wife and sister. She is an accomplished community focused professional, entrepreneur, real estate investor, author, and mentor. Her personal mission is to use her life experiences, leadership and faith to achieve self-awareness and authenticity to: Do More, Say More and Be More. While recognizing and witnessing the manifestation of her later days are greater than the former day Haggai 2:9 A well-known and respected leader that cultivates meaningful relationships that inspires and encourages others. She lives her life in a way that honors her ancestors and is building a powerful legacy for now and future generations. Darlene received her undergraduate degree in Community Leadership & Development from Alverno College and graduate degree in Management from Cardinal Stritch University; An Alum of Harvard Business School, Young American Leaders ProgramAuthor Headshot (professional) Author Branding / Logothe book cover would have a road that start off dark and turns to color. something with a caterpillar on a journey turning into a butterfly (to signal transformation) iI like the imagery cover, but I am thinking fo this cover the use of color for an accent may work better. I have some very general ideas and would like to lean on your creativity... I want the emotion of you matter to come through,it's not too late, you can still live your best life if you are willing to put in the work and unpack what's been holding you back. Transformation is liberating...Braving the wildernessunsure[Design Support| Assigned To: ErekaNo
Tyra Eilandty.eiland16@gmail.com09/30/2020nonfiction journalStandard Medium - 5.5x8.5 inchTyra EilandInvisible PiecesPiecing together your inner beautyThere are pieces of me wrapped in this book to encourage you, to strengthen you and to guide you. Along the way I hope to pull the roots of dislike and grow love, plant the seed of God in your heart and watch your beauty from within grow. My goal is to challenge you in three areas of growth: - Personal self – care - Creating a positive identity - Building positive relationships This journal will catch tears, be ripped up and parts will be burned; similar to life. Take time to explore and celebrate the depths of you. It is recommended that you reflect weekly. In hopes that it becomes a habit to self-reflect on your actions and how you respond to life.Tyra established Invisible Beauty; an independently ran company focused on empowering women: to see, believe in, and understand their own beauty from within. Instilled with a passion for inspiration and empowerment, she focuses on providing women with the necessary tools to create and understand their identity, as well as building positive relationships in all aspects of their life.Author Branding / Logo- Colors: All black and white, maybe drips a color (red) - A picture, a shadow of a girl/woman not specific (blacked/greyed out - facial features cannot be seen.) - Replacing the space of lips with my logo, adding drips from the lips - Scriptures (Ephesians 4 and James 4) hidden behind the picture (examples from my worship posters: https://www.iaminvisiblebeauty.com/invisible-beauty-circles)I have to keep looking. I have a picture in my phone.Any form of Bodoni 72Yes
Frankie M. Dennisladyfdennis@gmail.com09/29/2020(501) 442-0296InspirationalStandard Large - 6x9 inchFrankie (Glisper) DennisWhen Faith Goes Before youMiracles happen!!!FAITH That Goes Before YOU! How to grow your Faith NOW! This book will help the readers become more prepared for any situation in their lives. The author uses her own life challenges to encourage others to prepare for spiritual warfare of any kind. She believes that God wants His people healed and whole. When Your Faith Goes Before you, you will experience that peace that surpasses all understanding. “Build your Faith” is not a cliché. It’s important to use every day to believe more in God and His promises and to began living each day knowing that through faith you are covered. Then no matter what comes upon you; it’s in the hand of God because Your Faith will speak for you…”Your Faith will make you whole.”Frankie (Glisper) Dennis, serves as Senior Pastor of Rock of Faith Deliverance Church in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and is the founder of Women of Royal Destiny (W.O.R.D.). This phenomenal woman has survived two (2) bouts with cancer and six (6) heart attacks. It is through these and other challenges in her life that she has learned to trust God only. She walks by faith and not by sight being ever so careful to honor God through all. Her desire is to encourage, equip and empower individuals to build their faith in God daily. When your faith go before you, miracles do happen!Author Headshot (professional)IMAGERY A hand planting a see and subsequent pictures of a tree growing in stages from seed to small tree to medium tree to large treeYour Future Starts Today / Joyce MeyersSimple San-Serif and Simple Serif fontsNo
Rosland Andersonroslanda@seetctraining.com09/27/2020(262) 210-2723Book 1: Historical Fiction Book 2: Self-Help BusinessStandard Medium - 5.5x8.5 inchRosland A. AndersonMy Best Friend Pity & Kick My Own ButFrom victim to victor & Entrepreneurial pitfalls to avoidMy Best Friend Pity is a book about the journey of a women's struggles after childhood abuse. It highlights how victims struggle to move forward throughout life and often find comfort in the victim's role. Kick My Own But is a guide for entrepreneurs to help them avoid hard places and pitfalls when starting or running their business.Rosland Anderson, wife, mother, veteran, entrepreneur, instructor, and author. Rosland was born in Pontiac, Michigan but raised in Milwaukee, WI. She is the middle child of five known for her uniqueness, quite demeanor and funny sense of humor. She is known to many as Roz! The cheerleader that encourages others to take risk. She is a successful business owner of a healthcare training center and personal care agency. Her mission in life is legacy!Author Headshot (professional) Author Branding / LogoMy Best Friend Pity- I have a picture of when I was a little girl that I would like recreated with the character Pity having the same image but a different color and looking more like a shadow but their both holding hands. Kick My Own But- My current picture but twins in a cartoon like image both wearing a blazer shirt and skirt. The one twin has swung her foot to kick the other twin in the behind has she is bent over to receive it.none that I know aboutSimple San-Serif FontsnoYes
Raquel Marie Sylvestersistaraquel@aol.com09/26/2020(414) 807-6301Self HelpStandard Medium - 5.5x8.5 inchRaquel Marie SylvesterFight, Don't FaintStrategies to overcoming oppositionJust because you’ve been dealt a “bad-hand” doesn’t mean you have to lose! You were born to Win! Have you been questioning why You? Are you overwhelmed with what life has presented you and don’t quite know how to move forward? Are you asking yourself: Will I come out of this? How will I come out of this? Do I want to come out of this? Maybe you started out strong and have become weary. In Fight, Don’t Faint you will release the feeling of tiredness and build endurance. You will no longer accept defeat BUT you will gain awareness of 6 proven tools to overcoming opposition. Put Your Dukes Up, It’s Time To Fight! A separate area of the Back Cover: Discover the Winner in “You!” Raquel shares personal testimonies and teachings from the scriptures that will leave you knowing how to fight like a champion. ______________________________________________________________________________About the Author Raquel Sylvester is a Minister of the Gospel, public speaker, mother, daughter, sister, Adult Sunday School teacher, and friend who has had her share of ups and downs. After living paycheck to paycheck for 17 years, failed marriages, with minimum education, she decided to take life for what it was and fight back! While raising four children and working a full-time job, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exceptional Education. She is now living her best life on purpose, doing what she was destined to do. She gave God her heart, he gave her tools to Win, and now she spends her life sharing her testimony and cultivating Winners. ______________________________________________________________________________Author Headshot (professional)I have an idea of a boxing ring shadowed with a womens hand with gloves on. No face just hands lifted up as if she won. I will upload a couple of pic to my folder. Also, I would like the whole book cover in color, no white background. I like black and turquoise but don't know if that will match my bio pic on the back. I'm a little fancy so maybe fancy letters but this book is about fighting for your life so if fancy don't fit, I understand. I just want my book cover to represent Winning! Also, I did a whole photo shoot so maybe ,maybe, maybe my pic on the front with boxing ring and gloves shadowed in background.https://www.amazon.com/Ending-Complete-Lindsey-Pogue-ebook/dp/B01DCDCVEOI'm open[Design Support| Assigned To: TalvaMy files are already in my Google Drive folder